JMK Partners Advocate

Legislative Drafting and Policy Formulation

The Firm is involved in legislative drafting and policy formulation for both the county and national governments.

As a Firm we assist our clients to participate in the law-making process by developing draft legislations, including regulations to Acts of Parliament, for their consideration, and eventual lobbying and/or recommendation to relevant authorities for enactment into law.

Our work is to draft new laws (legislation); or changes or amendments to existing laws, as required by the Government. This legislation includes:

  1. Acts (laws approved by Parliament); and
  2. Subsidiary legislation (laws made under the power of an Act).

The Firm assists clients in drafting policies which may either precede legislation and as such act as a backbone for the subsequent legislation or may be formulated following the enactment of a legislation to provide guidelines or a mode of operation on how certain aspects of public affairs are to be managed.

The Firm also advises private and non-government organizations on various bills pending enactment and the effect of such bills.

As a new generation law firm, the Firm has an active social media presence and blogs on various issues providing legal alerts to the public on the implications and consequences of various bills, acts, regulations and legal notices

Some of the notable transactions that the Firm has been involved in under this area of practice are as follows:

  • The Firm drafted the General Regulations to the Laikipia County Health Services Act, 2014, pursuant to Section 45 of the Laikipia County Health Services Act, 2014 which Regulations are expected to ease implementation of administrative and procedural provisions of the Act.
  • The Firm advised on the drafting the Laikipia County Health Services (Amendment) Bill. The Firm advised and proposed the amendment to the Act after reviewing the Laikipia County Health Services Act 2014 against the Constitution of Kenya 2010, the County Governments Act 2012; the Health Act 2017; World Health Organization policies; the Joint Commission International Accreditation Standards for Hospitals; the United Kingdom Health and Social Care Act 2008; the South Africa National Health Act 2003; the Kenya Health Policy (2014 – 2030); the Kenya Health Information System Policy; and the Kenya Quality Assurance Model for Health.
  • The Firm reviewed the Laikipia County Health Services Act 2014 and assisted in the drafting the Health Promotion Policies and Primary Health Care Policies.
  • The Firm offered consulting services for Climate Change Policy, Bill & Action Plan to the County Government of Meru.