JMK Partners Advocate

Infrastructure and Public Private Partnerships

The Firm acknowledges the intersect between infrastructure development and public private partnership and how the collaboration between public and private entities provides a forum for sharing of responsibilities and risks.

Our areas of work include: Airports and supporting facilities; Educational facilities, including primary and higher learning; Government buildings and related facilities; Hospitals and healthcare facilities; Ports and marine terminals; Power and transmission facilities and systems; Public housing; Rail, including passenger rail and mass transit; Roads and bridges; Sports stadia and recreational facilities; Technology, including broadband and telecommunications; and Waste and waste-to-energy

In this department the firm offers the following services:
a) Advice on legal structuring of the various forms of public private partnerships agreements including; private finance initiative, concessions, Build Operate Transfer (BOT) Design Build Operate (DBO), Build Own Operate (BOO), Build Own Operate Transfer (BOOT), Build Lease Operate Transfer (BLOT), Design Build Finance Operate (DBFO), Operation and Maintenance Contract (OM), Design-Build (DB), leases/affermage, joint ventures, supply and management contracts, partial divestiture or full divestiture. The advice is in all phases of the PPP processes from the initiation stage to the final stage.
b) The Firm undertakes liabilities analysis, conduct of legal due diligence and tax advisory related to public private partnerships.
c) Advising on the authorizations / licenses / permits required for projects.
d) The Firm represents clients in reviewing and assessing the requests for government support, transaction structuring and planning, environmental planning, risk analysis and mitigation, financing, project assessment, construction, operation and management and dispute resolutions.

The Firm’s clientele in this field of law includes government agencies, private corporations, public corporations or consortiums, project sponsors, project operators, financiers, suppliers, contractors, engineers, third parties including escrow agents.