JMK Partners Advocate

Financial Technology (FINTECH)

The Firm has expertise to provide a full range of legal services in regard to Fintech practice which include:

a) Providing general legal advice to Fintech entities operating in the digital lending, payment systems and money remittance areas.

b) The Firm advises Fintech institutions based in and outside Kenya in connection with existing Kenyan laws relevant to the Fintech practice area including data protection legislation, consumer protection legislation and telecommunication laws.

c) The Firm is involved in incorporating Fintech institutions in Kenya, assisting with regulatory approvals and advising on continuing compliance obligations.

d) The Firm helps Fintech institutions in monitoring regulatory and legislation changes in the Kenya and in the region in regard to new products such as block chain and other distributed ledger technology, cryptocurrency and digital lending.

e) The Firm has been writing and publishing various articles in various national newspapers that comment on the legal regime in the general Fintech practice area. The Firm reviewed the Financial Markets Conduct Authority Bill and analyzed its positive and negative impacts on the nascent digital lending platforms and proposed amendments and improvements.