JMK Partners Advocate

Energy, Oil and Gas and Extractive Industries

Under this area of law, the Firm is endowed with skilled and experienced lawyers thus placing the Firm at an excellent position to provide specialized legal services in relation to energy law including oil and gas, power and utilities, water works development and renewable energy development. The Firm also provides legal services and advice in relation to the operation of the extractive industries including the mining industries.

The nature of services offered by the Firm in this department include:
a) Structuring, negotiation and drafting of joint venture agreements, power purchase agreement, fixed term electricity agreement, utility service agreement, right of way agreements, community development agreement, concession agreement and easements agreements.
b) Procuring of licences and approvals from the relevant ministries, authorities and departments that are involved in the energy, mining and petroleum sector, including reconnaissance licences, exclusive prospecting licences, special prospecting licences, mining leases, special mining leases, export permits and mineral dealers’ licences.
c) Advising on property rights, public participation rights, clean environment rights among other rights crucial among the affected communities.
d) Advise on renewable energy projects including solar energy, hydro energy, wind energy, tidal energy, geothermal energy and biomass energy.
e) Advise on interconnection issues including grid and transmissions.
f) Advising on immigration, labour, employment of expatriate employees.
g) Representation in dispute resolutions whether before a tribunal, court of law or through alternative dispute resolutions including mediation and arbitration.
h) Advising on water projects including the site acquisition, licensing and stakeholders’ engagements.
i) Advising on financing of projects including debt and private equity financing, corporate financing and commodity financing.

Under this field:

  • The Firm’s clientele includes oil and gas companies, Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) contractors, water work developers, water works and sewerage companies, engineers, co-ventures, funders/investors and clients involved in prospecting, extracting, processing, mining, royalty and minerals development
  • The Firm is in the panel of Lake Turkana Wind Power Company, an entity that is involved in supply of clean energy through wind power and provides an array of legal services to the entity.