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Debt Recovery

The Firm has a vibrant debt collection unit which has the ability to recover debts and reach amicable settlement that preserves the relationship of the creditors and debtors involved.

While a lot of companies use debt collection agencies, it has been our experience that debtors will respond to lawyers when faced with the imminent threat of litigation, insolvency or liquidation. Owing to the teams’ industrious nature, we boast of an 80% success rate in all our debt recovery cases.

Conversely, we offer our services to debtors to shield them from creditors by negotiating reasonable payment proposal or a debt restructure proposal.

Our notable transactions include:

  • The Firm successfully pursued client indebted to our Client Top in Town Dry Cleaner Services Limited for services rendered that were pending payment amounting to Kshs. 23,836,596.68/- which the Debtor paid.
  • The Firm has successfully represented an author who was owed about 5 million by a publisher over manuscripts submitted and approved by KICD.
  • Representing Airo’s Investments Limited in pursuing its debt of approximately 71,000,000/- against Tusky’s Supermarket Limited (now under Administration).
  • The Firm has successfully been representing Iungo Capital BV (an international lending company) in the recovery of debt amounting to 430,000/- USD ($) from none performing loans.
  • The Firm has successfully represented individual clients against banks that issue improper statutory notices, charge beyond the principal advanced breaching the in duplum rule or fraudulently frustrate the chargor. Case in point, the Firm has successfully defended a client against the improper auction of property estimated to be worth Kshs. 200,000,000/.