JMK Partners Advocate

Banking, Finance & Fintech

JMK acts and advises Commercial Banks, Microfinances Institutions, Saccos, Investment Companies/ Funds, Private Equity Firms, Insurance Companies among others on a full range of services in the banking and finance sector. 

The Firm offers transactional advice on structuring and restructuring of financing transactions including complex transactions such as syndicated financing and cross border transactions. The Firm also acts in preparation and review of all forms of security documents including loan agreements, legal charges and mortgages, corporate bonds and debentures, letters of hypothecation, deeds of guarantee and indemnity, deeds of subordination, inter creditor agreements among others. The Firm further attends to all routine formalities in perfection of securities such as stamping and registration of security documents. 

The Firm prides in its wide range of corporate clientele in the financial sector where the Firm sits in their panels as one of the legal service provider. These include Mayfair Bank, Kenya Industrial Estates Ltd, Iungo Capital BV, Kenya Reinsurance Corporation Ltd, Micro Enterprises Support Programme Trust, Chai Sacco, Sheria Sacco and Balozi Sacco.

Notable transactions that the Firm has undertaken in this area of practice include: 

  • The Firm has acted for its client Iungo Capital BV (an impact investment company) to structure a cross-border investment in a multinational company with subsidiaries in Kenya, Uganda & South Sudan of subject value of USD 800,000.00
  • The Firm has acted for its client Iungo Capital BV (an impact investment company) to structure a syndicated and cross border financing in a multinational company with subsidiaries in Kenya, Rwanda & US of subject value of USD 500,000.00. The Firm successfully negotiated an inter-creditor agreement and deed of subordination with four other international investment companies as junior lenders.
  • The Firm advised and acted for a top retailer in the structuring of a mezzanine facility advanced from an international investment company of the subject value of Kshs. 1,000,000,000.00
  • The Firm has advised International Investment Companies/funds on how to set up a security agent to facilitate the perfection of securities on behalf of these lenders in view of the Kenyan laws enabling foreign direct investment.
  • The Firm has advised on, prepared and registered various security documents for its above clientele being commercial banks and non-banks’ lending institutions of subject value of up to Kshs. 140,000,000.
  • The Firm has advised and structured a conversion of debt to equity of subject value of USD 2,000,0000.00 on behalf of its client an international investment company.